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Experience the sweet side of Chicago

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A variety of entertaining virtual tours and walking tours provide an interesting exploration of Chicago’s confectionery industry: home to M&Ms, Lemon Heads, Fannie May, Tootsie Rolls… the list goes on and on. Sure to delight whether you’re a visitor, tourist, or resident!

Make a group reservation for a virtual Chicago Candy Tour. No one can tell you the sweet facts about Chicago’s confectionery industry – and sweet confection secrets – as well as a current Sweet and History-trained Chef. Tours are conducted by Jenny Lewis: a native Chicagoan, chef, trained guide, author, and educator.

Past, Present and Future… listen and take a tasting tour! Send an inquiry for prices and tours: jlewischef@gmail.com Follow Burr Ridge Park District on their upcoming Tasting Tour September 30, 2020 – FaceBook Live.

“The Original Chicago Candy Crawl” starts at noon on Saturdays and Sundays year-round, then the current Special Occasion Tour begins at 2:30 pm.

2020 Dates for the Special Occasion tours are: the “Halloween Treats Candy Crawl” from September 26 through November 1, and the “Christmas Holiday Sweets Tour” from November 7 through December 20, 2020. Each tour takes about 1½ hours to complete.

Corporate and Group Event Tastings?  keep Chef Lewis in mind. She works with Event Planners and all groups looking to add an extra element of fun as well as educational and historical facts to your personalized tastings.

Articles, Interviews, and Reviews

excerpt from Crain’s Chicago Business:
“If you didn’t get your fill on Halloween, sign up for the CHICAGO CANDY TOUR. You’ll get a history of the city’s sweets, from Frango to Tootsie Roll, taste-testing and more.”

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Made in Chicago by Wrigleys since 1893